New Me. New You. Who You? Workshop

New Me. New You. Who You? Workshop

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This is it! Spend an entire Day with Sal and talk about YOU!

Event Details

  • January 25, 2020. (Yes! It's a special lunar year!)
  • TIME: 10AM - 5PM
  • VENUE: Lincoln Blvd, LA, CA, 90291

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What He Will Talk About:

Finding Happiness, Fulfillment and Peace: Expectations vs Reality

The bottomline of unhappiness is loss. Whether that’s loss of a loved one or loss in a competition or loss of a promotion or loss of a material possession. We grieve over things ‘things’ we can’t have. It has been a long accepted fact that we can’t have everything we want but can’t we really?


  • Need vs Want: The REAL Distinction and How it Should Guide Your Happiness
  • Identity -  Imagination - Inspiration - Impact: Journey towards knowing who you are, what you want to become, how you can get there, and the consequences of every action you will make and every milestone you will achieve.
  • Self Love Language vs Love for Other Language: Can you really express love through ways that are not innate to you? What if you think the other person’s love language is “not for you” or not “ethical”? What if you think the other person isn’t sincere in his expression of love and is just doing it because that’s how you like it? 
  • The Science and Spirituality of Unhappiness: We have been told that there is something to be learned with failures but it's hard to see it in the depth of your misery. However, it is also when we need it the most. How do we REALLY see it when we need it the most? 
  • Maybe Your Purpose is Being: Roadmapping your purpose if you haven't fulfilled it already... and knowing the difference

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Valid reasons include medical emergency, 'works of God', and others as may be determined by E.R.L. 

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