Dating Venus

Dating Venus

Venus is the planet of love. If you want to understand Venus you will be in a rabbit hole of romance and glamour. It's hard for people to see who Venus really is in our day to day life as we are blinded by love and everything beautiful. However, Venus is beyond arts, luxury, and pleasure it's also a Graha (Planet) that gives us the ability to make good choices in our relationship.

If you are someone who is challenged in building a healthy relationship with others then we can say that Venus is weak. Venus can make us addicted to relationships which often leads to codependency. Love and Lust can consume a native that is purely dependent on the ecstasy that Venus casts when you initially meet a person that you are dating which is somewhat similar to being spell bound Vashikaran. Infatuation is the closest word that one can use when you obsess over a person. This can last for a year and the native should be able to make a sound decision wether the relationship is healthy for them to keep.

Venus does not keep us in the shadow much like Rahu. Venus is a planet that sees value and quality over price and experiences. It is willing to spend its energy on something that reciprocates and shows appreciation to its beauty. When Venus gets disrespected it normally triggers separation as it will always treat everyone equal and fair.

Dating in the twenty first century is complex. When we date we open ourselves to the energy of Venus. To understand Venus we have to look at relationships as " partner " and not as a tool for us to use to get a sense of high. Venus rules Taurus which is the natural second house that governs tangible and material possession which sometimes we can treat our person in similar way. Venus rules and mulatrikona in Libra which is treating others with respect and equality.

Learning how Venus can take hold of us can make our dating life much more enriching and less heart wrenching. 

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Thank you so very much! Looking forward for more juicy information. Astrology is so interesting to me.

Heidi Phillips

I am a libra. Feel like I lost Venus. I am stuck from the beginning of the year. Nothing happens in my life. Just healing.


Thank you for this article. Very good job! It was eye opening. , and understandably true. Thank you! Your awesome!


Thank you for this message! Short and simple! Sending aloha from Hawaii!

Carmela D.

Thank you for sharing some wisdom, more abundance to you sal.


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