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Remedy and Ring

My fascination with rings started all the way back when I was 7 years old. I was hypnotized by a Bagua Ring. It was a Chinese protection ring that deflected bad luck. At this time I wasn't aware of its use but I wanted it to be on my finger for the whole time.

Decades after and 50 rings more, here I am using rings for manifestation and remedy. Does it work? Yes. Will it work for you? That is something that only you can leave the story to tell. But what is important is knowing which finger you should put it on and which finger you should not.

Tarjani, which is the index finger, is very inauspicious for wearing a ring especially if it's for a remedy. One must be aware that when using prayer beads the index finger must be avoided touching other fingers. It is the finger of “ Fall “ or Ahamkara, similar to an expression of anger. We use the index finger aka pointer finger, trigger finger in multiple ways that inflict pain to others.

If anything I have learned it is to never wear a ring on your index finger. One finger never to put a ring on it! Here are some ideal rings for you. Improve your manifestation with these rings specially selected for your Zodiac.

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Hi Sal!
I love the topic Rings&Remedy.It helps me a lot where not to put a ring and finding a perfect one for me.
Rings give luck in love and bring shower to wearer if worn correctly.Ring is for true happiness and for wondrous life comes ahead.
Best of life!


Thanks Sal , wanted you to know i read your vlog . I have been watching you for awhile and I love how you have blossomed as a spiritual guru with your own flavor.


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