Sal's Weekly Zodiac Horoscope May 30th - June 6th

Sal's Weekly Zodiac Horoscope May 30th - June 6th - Eat.Read.Love.
Here is this week's horoscope by Sal, for the first week of June. For each weekly horoscope, they are read by the ascendant sign.
Aries Horoscope - This week is a time of healing and forgiveness. There may have been people that may have hurt you tremendously, but you will find it in your heart to heal and forgive them. Once you do this, it will be a very relaxing week for you. The best crystals to use for healing are Clear Quartz and Amethyst. Carry these tumbled stones around with you to help ease the healing process.  
Taurus Horoscope - There is no better time to pursue your dreams and aspirations than this week! Make sure to find the courage and motivation to go for your goals because this is the time. Hold off on any big purchases, however, since this is not the best time for a Taurus to spend money. Fuchsite is the crystal recommended for you this week. Use the Fuchsite crystal this week to help with health and healing.
Gemini Horoscope - May be a very emotional week and a challenge mentally so make sure you stay positive. Use this week to self-reflect as this is a good time to do so. You might decide to try out some new hobbies or sports. The crystal recommended for a Gemini this week is Citrine, which is used to bring abundance and success your way.
Cancer Horoscope - Make sure to stay focused on the end goal and big picture, take things step by step since you may be feeling overwhelmed. This is a good time to confront your fears and reach for your dreams. Use Unakite this week to keep your emotions stable and grounded.
Leo Horoscope - This is a great week to manifest the changes in your life that you want. Use candle remedies, especially during the time of the new moon, to help you manifest. There is potential for a lot of romantic dates that may even lead to you meeting a soulmate. While this may be a week to strongly manifest, use Seraphinite to keep your chakras balanced.
Virgo Horoscope - Important week to mange your finances and watch your words. There might be a friction in your relationship due to some miscommunications, so try to be patient. Use Larimar crystal to help with clarity, love and peace this week.
Libra Horoscope - You will miss someone very dearly this week. A nostalgic week is ahead to try to keep your emotions in check. You will receive some romantic gestures from your loved one this week, such as flowers or a small gift. Great time to pursue business and follow your passion. Use Fluorite to help bring you the confidence you need during your new business venture.
Scorpio Horoscope - It will be a very emotional and challenging week ahead for Scorpios. It is important to meditate and stay grounded during this rough emotional patch. Use Clear Quartz crystal to help you start your emotional healing process.
Sagittarius Horoscope - This week will bring high stress, which may include arguments with your mother. Be very mindful of your words as they may hurt someone tremendously this week. Be extra careful of your driving this week as well. Use the Zebra Stone this week to help you balance your stress and emotions.
Capricorn Horoscope - There is a new found potential for fame and success. Also may have the opportunity for relocation or just signing a new lease to stay where you are. You might consider returning to school this week. Make sure to use Peridot crystal to help with detoxing.
Aquarius Horoscope - This week will be a very fun week, filled with celebrations and parties. However, be sure to watch your words because they may be twisted. Use Black Obsidian to make sure you stay protected.
Pisces Horoscope - Make sure to meditate and exercise this week because your temper may come to the surface. It is a great time for you to try a new business, especially an online business as you are favored in that. Use Bloodstone crystal to help you become more motivated and courageous as you pursue your online business.

Make sure to check back weekly for your Zodiac Horoscope to get a glimpse into what your may look like.
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